Rationing and Revelry

Rationing and Revelry describes the Coronation of 1953, when Britain was still suffering from the effects of World War II, bomb sites and rationing.The Coronation Day included pageantry, rain, a Golden Coach, street parties, the Queen of Tonga, bunting, camping outside Buckingham Palace, Union jacks and Spam sandwiches. In Britain, people gathered in homes and village halls to celebrate, while in Europe, Canada and the United States millions watched the first coronation ever to be broadcast on black-and-white televisions.

Told from the people’s point of view, Rationing and Revelry is social history, brilliantly capturing a Britain that has long since disappeared. Discover how Noel Coward, Evelyn Waugh, Philip Pullman and Helene Hanff; dukes, earls, gas-lamp lighters and sewage workers all spent June 2, 1953.


“Brilliant account of post-war Britain and lots of memorable things for anyone born after the war. Janie’s Austerity Olympics is brilliant too.” — 5★ Amazon review by Stephen

“A great snapshot of life in the 1950s. Hampton seems to have a gift in delivering the facts in a very interesting way, as proved by her other books on the Olympics and Girl Guides. Highly recommended.” — 5★ Amazon review by ginalaliq

“A time machine that takes you back into a world so many people today don’t understand. I love the detailed account portraying a country and its Queen.” — 5★ Amazon review by Joanna