Joyce and Ginnie

Joyce Grenfell and Virginia Graham first met in 1917, when they were seven. They became inseparable friends until Joyce’s death 62 years later and wrote daily when they were apart. This collection of their letters written between 1929 and 1979 lay undiscovered in a cellar until 1995.Joyce and Ginnie is introduced and edited by Janie Hampton. The book was serialised on BBC Radio 3.


“Enthusiasm, laughter and the love of friends were what mattered to Joyce, and this funny, touching book is a glorious affirmation of all three.” — Daily Mail

“A delight … Grenfells’ many fans will relish this insight into her warm and wonderful personality.” — The Lady

“Lively, loving and gorgeously silly.” — Maureen Lipman in the Daily Telegraph

“Funny, moving … a portrait of enduring female friendship. This is a unique social history.” — Women’s Journal

“A testament to a lifelong friendship, thoughts and concerns of two women who both weathered tragedy but remained determined to hold fast to their commitment to keeping their chins up and looking on the bright side. Witty, interesting and heart warming. If you like Joyce Grenfell you will love this book, if you enjoy reading diaries and letter collections, this is also for you. There is a genuine warmth that shines through the letters between Joyce and Ginnie and their exchanges often detail the minutiae of everyday life through four decades.” — 5★ amazon review