How the Girl Guides won the War

An original history of one of the most extraordinary movements in the world – the Girl Guides – and how they, and Brownies, helped win the war.


“A real revelation to read quite how those principles of guiding established by Baden Powell came to the fore.” — Dove Grey Read

“A stirring, surprising, story.” — Saga Magazine

“A fascinating oral history… As the government gropes for some substance to add to its vague talk of the Big Society it could do worse than to look at this prelapsarian tale of duty, teamwork and cheerfulness.” — Sunday Times

“…absorbing and unexpected story… packed with heart-breaking stories of the girls’ courage in extreme situations… the descriptions linger long in the mind.” — The Times

“Remarkable for casting a glorious light on the oddest corners.” — Telegraph Books of the Year

“An enjoyably inspiring account of what was to be – for so many thousands of girls – an exciting and fulfilling time.” — Scotsman

“Catches the authentic tone of unwavering, not to say relentless, optimism characteristic of the Guiding movement.” — Evening Standard

“Absorbing and unexpected … a sobering and inspirational book.” — Mail on Sunday

“If you think Guiding has nothing to offer – read this book and have your eyes opened. Made me cry at times, its powerful and well written. If you think guiding is behind the times – read this book and see how its always been at the forefront dealing with social injustice… see how guides across the world really did play a part in making a difference in the war years (and in peace time).” — 5★ Amazon review by M Jeffery

“Totally amazing! I couldn’t put it down. It is a very easy read and so well written.” — 5★ Amazon review by Andrea