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All photos on this website are © Janie Hampton, except the portrait on Home page (© Harley Evans of Barker Evans) and some in the photo gallery. To use any photos on this website please contact Janie Hampton.

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The home page of this website displays my Twitter feed. Twitter has a very long privacy policybut the long and short of it is that Twitter uses the “widget” to collect and monitise your personal data. If you object to this, please consider using a browser extension such as Ublock. Apart from the Twitter feed this website is free from any type of tracking or advertising. It doesn’t use products such as Google Analytics.

The web server does log various bits of information when you view a page, including your IP address and information about your operating system and web browser. The log files may be viewed by the hosting company / web developer, Beep Mode, to make sure that website functions properly and to solve any problems with the website.


The EU E-Privacy Directive 2009/136/EC (better known as the ‘cookie law’) requires website owners not to set cookies on a computer / device without the owner’s consent unless the cookie is “strictly necessary” for the functioning of the website. This websites uses just one cookie: the ‘spam challenge’ on the Contact page uses a cookie to check if the answer entered is correct. The cookie is named PHPSESSID and contains a random string of letters and numbers. The cookie is automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

GDPR statement of compliance

This statement explains how I comply with the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. If you have given me your email address (by emailing me via my website for example) please be assured that I am looking after your data responsibly. I value the security of your information and will never intentionally breach the rules. However, the rules are designed for organisations and most authors are sole traders, just doing our best.

  1. The information I hold:
    • Email addresses of people who have emailed me and to whom I have replied – automatically saved by my email server.
    • I do not share this information with anyone. If someone asks for another person’s email or physical address, unless both are known closely to me, I always check with the other person first.
    • I sometimes employ a trusted part-time assistant, who works only on my computer. She does not have access to my passwords.
    • If my computer needs repairing, the engineer does not have access to my passwords.
  2. Individuals’ rights On request, I will delete data.
  3. Lawful basis for processing data If people have emailed me, they have given me their email address, and my email server will save it. I will not add it to any database or spreadsheet unless someone asks me to or gives me explicit and detailed permission.
  4. Children Unknown people under 18 years sometimes email me but I don’t know their age unless they tell me – and I only have their word for that. I would not deliberately keep their email address (but it would be saved in my account.) Since I do not “process” their data, I am not required to ask for parental consent. I reply to the email and don’t contact them again.
  5. Data breaches I have done everything I can to prevent this, by password-protecting my Facebook, Google and Dropbox accounts. If those organisations are compromised I shall take steps to follow their advice immediately.
  6. Data Protection Officer In the absence of anyone else, I have appointed myself as the Data Protection Officer.


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